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These days trim wood shrinkage in finish carpentry does cause some problems and has tested the reputation of even the most seasoned finish carpenters. This can be controlled some what if it is properly addressed however the shear speed at which houses get built and the use of new growth lumber these days poses a lot of the problems that are unfortunately some times unavoidable.Trim wood should be acclimated to the inside environment of the house where it will be installed. This does also apply to the wood of a new wood floor to be installed. What this means exactly is the wood needs time to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels of the house where it will be installed. This in turn reduces the shrinkage of the wood and that helps to keep miters tight and doors working properly. There is much discussion on how long this acclimation period should be and a few variables do come into play here especially with a newly built home. A very minimum of an acclimation period would be 48 hrs. if the environment change of the storage place of the trim wood or the store to the house environment is not a huge difference. Another factor is after the acclimation period it is best to get the wood finished and sealed whether you do it before or after installation.Ultimately wood is going to shrink and swell according to the seasons. Some places more than others due to the climate differences. The best way to reduce this is to try and keep the environment in the house relatively even with just the temperature although I have seen a new house with new trim work sitting empty with no activity like cooking or showering for a long period of time have major shrinkage in the trim wood due to no humidity.

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I had trimmed this house and was just sick when I went back for the final; fortunately the builder that I had done the work for understood this problem and took full responsibility. I had been in the finish carpentry business for a long time and had a good reputation of doing good work but some times that reputation doesn’t mean anything to the people that don’t understand these problems.

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Carpentry Training and Carpentry Work Information

If you are a carpenter or are considering a career as a carpenter, you are probably curious about carpentry books. A carpenter is someone who builds things out of wood. Carpentry books give you valuable information about what carpentry is and the basic practices of a carpenter.

Like any other job, you may sometimes have questions. This is where a carpentry book will come in handy. Usually, carpentry is a learned trade. Most people do not go to school or complete any kind of training to become a carpenter. They either learned it from their relatives (father, grandfather, etc.) or they learned it on the job. Many times a builder will hire an inexperienced person to be there "toter" or helper. This person starts out carrying tools and nails for a carpenter. Soon, he learns to measure and cut wood, and before long he learns the basics of carpentry. This type of on the job training is common is the world of carpentry. Because these people are learning as they go, it is helpful to have carpentry books available to refer to when you get stuck.

In most cases, carpentry is pretty simple. But there are those tasks that seem tedious and almost impossible if you don't have any carpentry books to show you the way. It is also crucial if you are new to the field, to have carpentry books to read while you are learning. It is easy for your boss to forget to show you all the ropes when he is in the middle of a building project (which he most always is).

There are many tools involved in carpentry. Long gone are the days of hammers and nails. These days carpenters use heavy duty and expensive nail guns, a wide variety of different types of nails and screws, saws, and drills, and everything in between. It can be overwhelming to know what you need for which task without the help of carpentry books. In fact, many of the saws look similar and it is easy to forget which one does what.

Carpentry books are a valuable and necessary addition to your tool belt. Even if you don't have the liberty to stop to read them on the job, studying over them in your spare time can save you time and money in the long run because it will prevent unnecessary mistakes.

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Why Choose the Carpentry Path?

Jesus was a carpenter. He was trained by his foster father, Joseph. Jesus understood how to build a good and strong home. He used his knowledge of building when speaking to his disciples. A common story from Jesus is about where to build a home - on sand or rock? The answer is rock. Jesus knew a good home would need a sound plan and a good foundation.

The homes Jesus may have helped construct two thousand years ago would be very different from the homes we find in the United States. Forgetting for a moment the modern amenities found in our homes. The homes of Nazareth would not have a contemporary house plan; instead, a home in Nazareth would have one to three rooms with dirt floors, lighting provided by candles, no running water, and without interior doors and or glass windows. Overall privacy was nonexistent.

During his time of public preaching Jesus did interact with the wealthy of Israel. He had a meeting with Zacheus, a tax collector. Zacheus invited the Lord to his home for dinner. As a carpenter, one can assume that Jesus would have appreciated the planning and structure of this tax collector's home. The openness of Zacheus' house would have had a similar feel to homes built today using Spanish house plans.

What about the ruling Romans? Jesus did know of their homes' designs as well. Most likely Pontius Pilate and King Herod lived in stone and brick structures built using plans more complex than building a single story home using ranch house plans with two master bedrooms. The Romans had homes of unique luxury and complexity in the city of Jerusalem. The luxury of their homes is easy to understand, but the complexity came from the fact that their homes had to be defended from rebellious Israelites at times.


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