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These days trim wood shrinkage in finish carpentry does cause some problems and has tested the reputation of even the most seasoned finish carpenters. This can be controlled some what if it is properly addressed however the shear speed at which houses get built and the use of new growth lumber these days poses a lot of the problems that are unfortunately some times unavoidable.Trim wood should be acclimated to the inside environment of the house where it will be installed. This does also apply to the wood of a new wood floor to be installed. What this means exactly is the wood needs time to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels of the house where it will be installed. This in turn reduces the shrinkage of the wood and that helps to keep miters tight and doors working properly. There is much discussion on how long this acclimation period should be and a few variables do come into play here especially with a newly built home. A very minimum of an acclimation period would be 48 hrs. if the environment change of the storage place of the trim wood or the store to the house environment is not a huge difference. Another factor is after the acclimation period it is best to get the wood finished and sealed whether you do it before or after installation.Ultimately wood is going to shrink and swell according to the seasons. Some places more than others due to the climate differences. The best way to reduce this is to try and keep the environment in the house relatively even with just the temperature although I have seen a new house with new trim work sitting empty with no activity like cooking or showering for a long period of time have major shrinkage in the trim wood due to no humidity.

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I had trimmed this house and was just sick when I went back for the final; fortunately the builder that I had done the work for understood this problem and took full responsibility. I had been in the finish carpentry business for a long time and had a good reputation of doing good work but some times that reputation doesn’t mean anything to the people that don’t understand these problems.

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Carpenter Ants

Tommy wanted a birthday party. In fact he insisted upon it. Naturally we hesitated. It would take some doing, we reasoned, to entertain a bunch of wrestling, fighting, shoving young eight-year-olds.

Nevertheless a birthday can't be ignored. Nothing to do but settle down with young Tom and plan a party.

Tommy, screwing his face into a thoughtful frown, said, "I wish we could build something. All the guys like to saw and pound." That was the springboard of our idea. A bright cardinal whistling from our neighbor's feeding tray gave us the next thought. A bird-feeding tray wouldn't be too hard for an eight-year-old to make and there would be just about time enough after school for each boy to make one. That suited Tommy.

First came the invitations. They read:

A carpenter's party at

Tommy Durand's house,

Friday after school.

We printed them on pieces of shingle four inches long and one inch wide. On the reverse side of the shingle went the guest's name. Tommy delivered these invitations to his guests the following day. Needless to say, the boys were immediately interested.

Next came getting material for the trays. The wood must be soft enough to be easily handled. Wooden fruit boxes from the neighboring store are just the thing. The store was glad to get rid of them as it saved hauling them away.

Tommy's Dad collected an adequate supply of orange crates, narrow-stripped cantaloupe boxes, and sturdy apple boxes. Tommy and his Daddy took the crates apart and piled the boards neatly into a miniature lumber yard at one end of the basement. From friends we borrowed enough additional saws and hammers to provide for each guest. These were arranged in a neat row on Tom's work bench.

Even though the work bench is a large one we felt that if eight young sprouts hammered and sawed at the one bench it was likely to result in pounded fingers and ruffled tempers. Therefore we arranged solid wooden apple boxes in a circle around the work bench, thus providing each boy with a place to work.

When Friday came the boys were right on hand after school. Each boy was given a boy-size carpenter's apron with a supply of shingle nails in the pocket. Each apron was made of sturdy material and was about eighteen inches long and twelve inches wide. A crosspiece was stitched on the lower half of the apron and up through the center to form two pockets. Sturdy tape was sewed to the top for a halter and the same tape was used for the apron strings. Every boy has seen carpenters wear such aprons, and each was delighted to have one of his very own.

We showed the boys the feeding tray next door thinking they might like to follow its pattern. We told them they were to take home their finished trays.

One practical lad immediately asked, "Where'll we get the lumber?" And we answered, "You'll find lumber and tools in the basement."

The boys tore through the house like a thundering herd and down into the basement. In no time at all each boy was choosing from the little lumberyard the boards with which he wanted to work. In a shorter time than it takes to tell, each boy was busy making a tray of his own design.

The saws hummed and the hammers pounded as the happy voices of the youngsters compared notes on their progress.

Near the end of the afternoon we inquired if they were ready to eat. For the first time in our experience with boys at parties we were greeted with "Can't we have just a little more time? We aren't quite done."

At last all were ready to eat. To each one we handed a workman's box lunch. The boys were excited over this new version of a birthday party lunch. Each box contained peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a can of fruit punch and a straw, an apple, a piece of birthday cake and a sucker.

After lunch the trays were brought up for display. Not one of the young carpenters had copied the neighbor's tray but each had followed his own design. They were all very clever. One was simply a tray with an edge around it to prevent food from falling off. Another was a bird house with a tray porch while still another had a broad peaked roof.

On leaving the party each guest was presented with a package of bird seed from the dollar store. While the boys were collecting their trays, bird seed and carpenter's aprons to take home, one enthusiastic lad said, "This is the best party I've been to in three years." A little tousle-head replied, "What d'ya mean--three years--it's the most fun of them all."

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Understanding Wood Shrinkage in Finish Carpentry

What child who has grown up watching Sesame Street would forget the song "People In Your Neighborhood"? It is one of the songs in the children show which introduced to children different kinds of professional offering their services to the community. It is probably through this Sesame Street segment and song that some children developed their dreams and what they want to become in the future. The carpenter is one of those professionals featured in the show, but there's more than being featured in a kiddy show that would attract young people to pursue a career in carpentry.

Becoming a carpenter is an exciting job with new opportunities coming on a daily basis. A carpenter would not know what kind of projects he will be doing. In comparison with other jobs, a carpenter may consider each day as adventurous instead of timid or a pressure.

This carpentry career leaves one with a feeling of different fulfillment. If you are a carpenter who built a home, it will surely feel good knowing that the owner of the house is safe, sound and satisfied with your creation. This career involves applying your workmanship, creativity and strength to make beautiful structures that help other people.

At an early age, the passion for this career may already start to bud, perhaps triggered by a program like Sesame Street. With toys like Lego and building blocks the child would be seen creating structures resembling houses and buildings. As the child grows to adolescence and young adulthood, he will be seen building more feasible structures like bird houses, ramps, tables or chairs. Some people who have passion in carpentry is sometimes shied off once they know that carpenter may only earn small amount in the beginning. Yet if your heart is really in this building profession, you would be wise to pursue it. Not many people are aware but a great and professional carpenter who did amazing homes and buildings can actually earn more than six figured amount of money. A carpenter may earn about $30 an hour but this can increase as your quality of work improves.

To enrich your interest in carpentry you can attend programs in vocational and carpentry school. Though you will need less amount enrolling for a carpentry program than in enrolling for college degrees, the level of excitement is just the same. There are now online courses offered to aspiring carpenters as long distance learning modes. This is great for people who are working but wish to pursue a carpentry career at the same time. After completing the course you can apply for a position in an established carpentry firm or work independently. If in case you wish to work freelance, you need to really work hard to achieve the best carpentry result. If your clients were happy and satisfied with what you have done, they will recommend you to other people they know and thus increase your earning potential. Remember that along with high quality of work, you also need to communicate well with your clients, know what they want and follow their specifications at heart. Be professional and try to finish your job on time.

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